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Osirion's Ascent: Ardent Redux Saga: Episode 2

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A fall from grace. A second chance. But can you ever truly go home?

Captain Dani Devereaux is back and tasked with a new, top-secret mission. But not everybody is happy to see her.

To Dani, her crew is her family. But even family can feel betrayed. The one thing she didn't count on when she threw herself under the bus is the contention her sacrifice would cause among her crew.

Her actions shook their confidence in her, and her confidence in herself. Now crushing self-doubt and her performance as a captain are on a collision course... with each other.

Dani desperately needs to pull things together for her next big assignment for her sake, and the sake of her crew. It’s do or die in the second installment of this action-packed science fiction adventure.

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